Monday, November 14, 2005

How important is it..?

Now, I was wondering, how important is it to know your mother tongue? I mean, if you are living in a place different from your native place and the language spoken there is not your mother tongue then what difference does it make wether you know your mother tongue or not?
I have seen people getting teased for not knowing Malayalam...but why must we expect them to know it when they have been living outside Kerala for so long. There are exceptions...lotsa NRKs who speak their mother tongue too are there, but no piont in teasing the rest. They have hardly any need to use their mother toungue unless ofcourse their family uses it at home or something.
Will I have been on both sides of the court..teasing and getting teased, so I was just wondering. When I first came to Kerala I didn't know the language, my parents would speak to me in English (because fluency in english was important for school admission) and friends would use Hindi. Well, I am very fluent in Malayalam now, no probs.

But, why make people ashamed about not knowing your mother tongue? Teasing them is one thing, but making them feel really bad about it is another. Its simply a language after all...why is it a must you have to know it, when you hardly ever need to use it? Ok, so if you are living in a particular state it is good to know the local language..thats it.

Now, there is a particular class of 'weird' people who know the language but pretend to not know it or something. God knows why they go through all the trouble to pose they don't know it...its really funny.

Well, I used to feel terrible about not knowing was something to be ashamed of. But now when I think about it..I don't really know why should one feel ashamed about it? Is it really that important?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Diwali Dhamaka

I had a really fantastic diwali...!
The started off with a family breakfast at my aunt's place. Every year we have breakfast at her place for Diwali....I simply love it and I also got to have gulab jamuns after a very long time. Wow!
Went out for dinner again with family members and it was great. Well, basically spending time with family is always great..!
Then we all came home to burst crackers...only mild noiseless ones because we have a baby in the family (my nephew who is below 1). Well, everything was going on well, until at the very end we were left with several giant sized match sticks. I had a sudden brainwave that lighting all the oversized left over matchsticks together will be lovely to look at and a fantastic thing to do. Implementing this incredible idea I took around 10-12 of those oversized matchsticks and lit them all together and *BAM* before I knew it there was a big fire and all...and now I am left with 2 very burnt fingers. aaargh...the pain and the stinging sensation was gave me a clear view of the gates of heaven (yeah, I'm sure I'll be off to heaven and nowhere else!) Not a single tear flowed down my scream or cries from me..just a feeling of pain and shame..haha...God! I have never felt so foolish and stupid before!
Loads and loads of 'Burnol' followed, along with a simultaneous abundance of advice and "I told you to be careful..." surrounding an embarrassed little me.

My fingers are now multi couloured...the folds of my skin hidden from the fire are still light brown and the rest of it looks charred..ugh! I feel like a zebra and looking at my hand reminds me of those movies and music videos where the hero/heroine lies and hides from their lover because of a burn/scar or whatever....oh, it looks so much like my poor fingers. Worst thing is this happened to my right hand, to my thumb and index fingers..the fingers I need to hold a pen. Its better now...I am back in action..have to submit my records on Monday, you see.

Anyway...I guess some bad karmas of the past have been accounted life cut short in the many more births left....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Diwali!

Its been a really long time since I came to Blogger....I simply ran out of things to say....didn't know what to write...

Well, since I am here anyway...let me wish everybody a VERY HAPPY DIWALI!!
I just saw the news report on tv that said New York has added Diwali to its list of public holidays...They have this law that, cars can't be parked on both sides of a road because that obstructs the path of the cleaning trucks.But on these special days cars can be parked on both sides which means the city is not cleaned on these days. Well, they do have a weird way of acknowledging varoious communities and their customs (by car parking laws!) but still, I guess the Indians out there must be feeling good.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Over and Out

Well, actually I think why sorrow is more important than happiness is because our greatest achievements arise from sorrow, fustration and a sense of wanting.

I mean, when you are happy there is no desire for are content. Complacency of sorts sets in..

But when you are sad, you want to come out of that sadness...there is a feverish wanting...wanting to achieve do something more. But when you are are happy with who you are, what you aren't thinking of what else to do. Its only when you are lacking you want to gain....

So, the world survives on sorrow...something like, sorrow is the driving force to the ultimate goal of happiness...hmm?

Mangal Ho...!

Saw Mangal Pandey last friday...excellent. It was truly worth the three years wait.
Amir, Toby, Rani, Amisha and everybody else have acted so well. Even Om Puri's narration was great...his voice suited the story narration beautfully.

Wow, it really makes me feel think that there was a Mangal in India. His was the first shot of Independence.

The songs are good too...the Mangal, Mangal song has good lyrics and I like the music of Tumhari Addao Pe Main Vaari Vaari...its been a while since I've heard Kavitha Krishnamoorthy's voice.

About, William Gordon...what a fustrating situation. You are burdened by your birth...he was British but he didn't agree with their ways...the right cause was against his own people and he was stuck!

Its a powerful unnecessary songs and dialogues...too the point and 100% engaging.

Watch it...!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tell Me Why

I was just wondering...why is it that only depression, suffering and the likes, that are so promoted and appreciated by people.

Agreed, everybody says, be happy, smile etc etc...but when it comes to awards, film awards, awards for art...even fancy dress awards, are all given to not the best portrayal of happiness or joy but to that of pain and suffering....why so?

The most melancholy, depressing book will be declared the 'Book of the Year'...books with a sad tone to them are all the best sellers. "It has real emotion in it, man"....

Why do we associate realism to sorrow...all depressing movies are labeled 'realistic'...does that mean nobody real ever laughs or is happy?

Even when it comes to fancy dress competitions, down to the very basic school level, it is always the most piteous looking costume that wins first place.Rarely ever does the clown get to walk away with the prize.

Funny movies are all simply 'mindless' comedy, eh? Well, mindless or not...comedy is what I love and always will!

I was just wondering about this...have been wondering for a while, infact....if I'm wrong about anything, do let me know..I've always thought nobody likes to be sad...then why promote it in such a huge way?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Confucious Said So...

Your wise quote is: "Our greatest glory is not
in never falling, but in rising everytime we
fall" by Confucius.
Yes indeed, you see true strenght can only be
seen when a person has "fallen". Only
then one can tell how they will handle it. Just
don't make others fall so you can know who they
really are. You on the other hand may be a very
quick recoverer and don't let people bring you
down. You are your own, and you're fine with
that. Emotional issues is something you handle
rather nicely.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I've been around the world..

Yeah, I've been around the world.

Started life in Bombay (Mumbai), then in Dubai and then landed in Trivandrum.
Was in Bombay till the age of six, then was one year in Dubai. Used to keep going to Dubai for my summer holidays though, because my dad was still there.

In the past 19 years I have visited so many foreign countries...from the US to Amsterdam to Singapore....

I haven't visited too many places in India though....I am really looking forward to an All India Tour someday...I hope to see the Taj Mahal while its still there. I mean, I've got one of the seven wonders of the world right under my nose and I haven't seen it....ofcourse my whole family has seen it, they did before I was born that is. Guess, the all India trip was completed before I was born...I've seen the pictures...sigh

I have stayed in the luxury of seven star hotels to places where there is no fan even, during our many travelling expeditions....I have enjoyed every experience equally.

One thing that these foreign trips have taught me is that there is nothing more there than what we already have here. I mean, when I see people dreaming of settling down abroad...I think, why? Why must you want to leave all that you have, to go live among, even if you become a millionare there it still is not your home.

One common trait in most of these foreign countries is their sense of national pride...I mean, they are proud to say that they are Malaysians or whatever...they wouldn't spit or litter the roads, cuz they are bothered about their country's image and international appearance.

I mean if we must ape the west after all....then whay not copy some of the good things too. So readily have we accepted their culture, dress code, language and all....why not learn from them and keep our country clean (!!) for starters.

We litter and spit on the roads and then say that India is a dirty place..! hah...its a ridiculous!

Be local and think global.

All these experiences have made me...taught me, to see the beauty in the simple things of life. We are too busy to notice small things...because small things aren't going to help us get anywhere, eh?

Anyway, for those dreaming of going must. I still remember the excitement I felt the first time I ever went to an airport or boarded a plane.....I wish that awsome experience for everybody.
You must go if it is what you want most.....It is easy for me to say all this after having seen it all (almost!) But I feel...all I am saying is that.. go...go you must, but don't forget to come back someday....please don't get be back....

I Love Money!

Thats the name of the book (by Suresh Padmanabhan) I'm currently reading...its all about money!

I had a little starting trouble...found it a bit boring in the begining Didn't really want to continue reading....but now half way through I am really glad I did.

Its a totally different take on money...something I've never come across before. Things we have been brought up to believe as taboos have been opposed...with solid explanations. With excellent use of short examples and stories...this book makes very interesting reading matter.

It reminds you of basic stuff which we have either ignored or not counted as important.
Like saving coins too. Most people don't give too much importance too loose change....but even that can add up to a lot!

I liked the part on keeping your wallet organized and neat. Mine is totally opposite to that....I don't even have a wallet for that matter. The 'thing' that I carry my money in has everthing else in excess but money...loadsa bus tickets of course..hah

Positive thinking amounts in a huge way to making money. Ofcourse you can't just snap money out of thin air...the right mind set could make the whole act of making money a lot more pleasurable.

The books got a very casual and flowing style to it...very contrary to what you'd expect for such serious topics....but hey, even the title is very unusual and catchy! I couldn't possible reveal all the wouldn't be fair to the author, I feel.

Whats important is that unless you respect money, it won't stay with you...just as in the case of any living thing.

Anniyan-The Stranger

Anniyan was one entertaining movie! I saw it twice....enjoyed myself twice!

The story is similar to a Sidney Sheldon book (Tell me your dreams) which is one of my favourites.

I had my doubts about watching the movie because I don't understand tamil too well. I hardly ever watch Tamil movies...but considering the hype that this movie had created I was curious. I was able to understand very well! Even I am idea when I started understanding tamil...?

The movie has been taken beutifully....every scene is perfect. The potrayal of the three personalities has been done very well...Vikram has done a fantastic job...Vivek was too hilarious.....and hats off to the director.

It deserves every bit of the praise and rave reviews that it has received...cuz its an out and out entertainer. The songs are also addictive...highly!

If you haven't already watched it, you should....highly recommended!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

One with Nature

Well, my day begins with feeding my pets. I have to feed my lab (Floppy...incase you were wondering, yes that's my sweet doggy's name) then, our dash (Titu...he came with the name when we bought him, or else he could have been something more hi-tech like CD...hah) then, our fishes in the cement tank in the garden....and then, its the turn of my favourite feathered friends, the crows!

Yup, I feed the isn't exactly a part of my chores but I simply love meeting them. Whenever I go to feed the dogs, I find them waiting on the gate and outside. Well, now we have all become so pally that they hop around in our compund...even when the dogs are there! The dogs get along well with them too...anyway, the birds simply ignore them. My dogs I guess, don't seem to be suffering from any kinda ego problem considering the crows are not afraid of them.

The number of birds seem to be gradually increasing...we started off with just 4-5 of us, uh, I mean the birds....and now we have like around 19-23 of them flying over for breakfast. Its so cool...simply amazing. It is a totally different and special feeling to be able to walk up to them, and not have them fly shows that they have started to trust you. To know that they trust me and like me(?) makes me feel very happy.

Its a wonderful way to relax...the variety in nature never ceases to amaze me....I doubt whether it ever will...Cheers to a more beautiful and peaceful world!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Adventure on Wheels..!

Looking for a few minutes of heart racing, adrenalin pumping, extreme adventure? Then simply board one of Kerala's very own private buses. Excitement for 3 rupees (well the rate solely depends on your endurance...that is where you want to get off, of course..)

They are so crowded, there is hardly any place to stand, let alone sit...the best example of survival of the fittest. Your foot becomes a footstool, with numerous people standing not only on your toes. But you can't complain, because you are standing on someone else's foot! The drivers of these buses are determined to take your breath away, driving at nothing less than the speed of light...zooming through streets at a speed that could even put Schumi to shame. Hang on for dear life..whether you are inside or outside the bus. Simply hold on to anything or anyone...its the best survival tip you could get for this adventure ride. Now, some 4 wheeled adventure rides are designed keeping the feet of the travelers in mind...simply remove a few seats. So, now you have lots of leg space but nothing to hold on to, when you zoom around the city at the speed of light!

If you are the one of the lucky few who ends up standing on the foot board with the conductor, you get a taste of his life, having to get off at every stop for the new entries to get in...all the while praying that the bus doesn't go off without you! If you get to sit, you are honored with a privileged chance at social service, getting to carry bags, books and everything else and as many as you can balance.

In case you are a student, eligible to a certain amount of concession in the fare, then be prepared to be greeted with looks of displeasure and suspicion by the ticket collector. Yup, they simply don't like you because you travel at half rate, dude..not a very nice thing.

But no matter how crowded, how breathless these trips just wouldn't be the same without them. You get to meet so many people daily, all of you going through this exciting experience together, that an invisible, nameless bond is created...which can't be explained in words. These rides are the spice in every students monotonous life. The fun of trying to squeeze yourself into these buses (and 99.9% end up hanging at the door) and getting fired for asking for half rate tickets on days that you are not eligible for it (public holidays!) are truly unmatched. Whether you realize it or not,these few precious minutes prepare you for anything in life...once you have endured this, everything else seems a piece of cake! So, whether you have experienced Veegaland or even Disney Land...if you haven't experienced Kerala's mobile adventure service, dear friend believe me you have experienced nothing at all....

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Nerdy or not...?

Well, I took this test I found on Karthik's blog and this is my level of nerdiness.....42% of the people who took the test are nerdier than me and I'm nerdier than 58%.....well, looking at the bright side of! I'm nerdier than half the test takers!! yay!!

I am nerdier than 58% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!