Thursday, May 26, 2005

Adventure on Wheels..!

Looking for a few minutes of heart racing, adrenalin pumping, extreme adventure? Then simply board one of Kerala's very own private buses. Excitement for 3 rupees (well the rate solely depends on your endurance...that is where you want to get off, of course..)

They are so crowded, there is hardly any place to stand, let alone sit...the best example of survival of the fittest. Your foot becomes a footstool, with numerous people standing not only on your toes. But you can't complain, because you are standing on someone else's foot! The drivers of these buses are determined to take your breath away, driving at nothing less than the speed of light...zooming through streets at a speed that could even put Schumi to shame. Hang on for dear life..whether you are inside or outside the bus. Simply hold on to anything or anyone...its the best survival tip you could get for this adventure ride. Now, some 4 wheeled adventure rides are designed keeping the feet of the travelers in mind...simply remove a few seats. So, now you have lots of leg space but nothing to hold on to, when you zoom around the city at the speed of light!

If you are the one of the lucky few who ends up standing on the foot board with the conductor, you get a taste of his life, having to get off at every stop for the new entries to get in...all the while praying that the bus doesn't go off without you! If you get to sit, you are honored with a privileged chance at social service, getting to carry bags, books and everything else and as many as you can balance.

In case you are a student, eligible to a certain amount of concession in the fare, then be prepared to be greeted with looks of displeasure and suspicion by the ticket collector. Yup, they simply don't like you because you travel at half rate, dude..not a very nice thing.

But no matter how crowded, how breathless these trips just wouldn't be the same without them. You get to meet so many people daily, all of you going through this exciting experience together, that an invisible, nameless bond is created...which can't be explained in words. These rides are the spice in every students monotonous life. The fun of trying to squeeze yourself into these buses (and 99.9% end up hanging at the door) and getting fired for asking for half rate tickets on days that you are not eligible for it (public holidays!) are truly unmatched. Whether you realize it or not,these few precious minutes prepare you for anything in life...once you have endured this, everything else seems a piece of cake! So, whether you have experienced Veegaland or even Disney Land...if you haven't experienced Kerala's mobile adventure service, dear friend believe me you have experienced nothing at all....