Saturday, December 23, 2006


I was so fascinated with the clouds on my way back from Tiruvanamalai that I simply went on clicking until my battery died. Here are some of them.

Took these from inside the car. Wasn't allowed to put the window glass down so you can see a reflection.

The clouds...they look like soft white cotton candy.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Up Above The World So High

The sky of Tamil of my favourite photos!

Flower Power

We were awarded 'BEST COLOUR COMBINATION' in the athapoo competetion held during the College Onam Festival Competitions.

Athapoo is a design done on the ground using different coloured flowers....stunning designs are created with flowers! Its an integral part of the Onam festival of Kerala.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just like that...

1.There is no use hating other are simply torturing yourself, the people that you hate are least affected! Hating is basically....self destructive, more than anything the end of the day you are drained and everybody else is happy.

2.Auto rickshaws have poster in them..most rickshaws. I happened to come across a really good one which said...'A Year From Now, You Will Wish You Had Started Today...'

3.Two really good books are..'Who Moved My Cheese' and 'The Present'

4.Everything happens for the best...

5.An sms I got some time back.
Lets be positive like this: Four ants are moving through a jungle,
They see an elephant coming against them.
1st ant: We will kill him
2nd ant: We will break his leg
3rd ant: We will throw him out of our way
4th ant: We will leave him cuz he is alone and we are four!

6.Practice being happy

7.Some more posters I came across:
You are responsible for your behaviour
Self Control is knowing you can, but deciding you wont!
Laughter has no foreign accent //really like this one

8.Some points I once heard in a personality development class:
Laugh loudly
Spend time with kids
Step out into the rain

...HaVe a NiCe DaY!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Baby's Day Out

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!
This one is about my nephew's very first theater experience. He just turned one year old on the 20th of December. Well, we had all gone to see 'Tanmatra', (Mohanlal movie, directed by Blessy...very good) yesterday because it was new year and all. We had this big bag with us, my nephew's emergency pack...diapers, feeding bottle, clothes, napkins, you name it and it is there in his big pink bag. We were hoping to get seats close to the exit because we were expecting him to cry and make a fuss atleast five times in between the movie, but unfortunately we couldn't get those seats. Infact we got the corner most seats. Whew...we were kinda anxious about how the next 3 hours would turn out, I mean, baby's first movie and all, so you never know.
6.20 pm The much awaited advertisements started...advertisements without which the pleasure of watching a movie in a theater is never complete. Sarees that take you to the heights of professional success, Sarees for the modern women, brand after another, seen it so many times I know it by heart every move everything!
My nephew sat awstruck through all this...taking in all the massive display of sound and colour...haai! We thought, wow, it is good that he is enjoying himself...well, movie started and it was very interesting. But guess, my one year old cool dude didn't think so...5 minutes later the dude was fast asleep. He slept so soundly that he woke up way after the movie was over, when we almost reached home ie.
Now, we got back home and everybody was really tired and all. 11.30pm getting ready to retire, but my nephew was as bright and fresh as ever. Gosh..! haha..can't blame him really, he had just woken up from a 3 hour siesta.

So that was baby's first movie experience...go to the theater, watch all the advertisements, rest well throughout the movie and then wake up fresh as ever, ready to taken on the world!