Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just like that...

1.There is no use hating other are simply torturing yourself, the people that you hate are least affected! Hating is basically....self destructive, more than anything the end of the day you are drained and everybody else is happy.

2.Auto rickshaws have poster in them..most rickshaws. I happened to come across a really good one which said...'A Year From Now, You Will Wish You Had Started Today...'

3.Two really good books are..'Who Moved My Cheese' and 'The Present'

4.Everything happens for the best...

5.An sms I got some time back.
Lets be positive like this: Four ants are moving through a jungle,
They see an elephant coming against them.
1st ant: We will kill him
2nd ant: We will break his leg
3rd ant: We will throw him out of our way
4th ant: We will leave him cuz he is alone and we are four!

6.Practice being happy

7.Some more posters I came across:
You are responsible for your behaviour
Self Control is knowing you can, but deciding you wont!
Laughter has no foreign accent //really like this one

8.Some points I once heard in a personality development class:
Laugh loudly
Spend time with kids
Step out into the rain

...HaVe a NiCe DaY!