Monday, August 15, 2005

Over and Out

Well, actually I think why sorrow is more important than happiness is because our greatest achievements arise from sorrow, fustration and a sense of wanting.

I mean, when you are happy there is no desire for are content. Complacency of sorts sets in..

But when you are sad, you want to come out of that sadness...there is a feverish wanting...wanting to achieve do something more. But when you are are happy with who you are, what you aren't thinking of what else to do. Its only when you are lacking you want to gain....

So, the world survives on sorrow...something like, sorrow is the driving force to the ultimate goal of happiness...hmm?

Mangal Ho...!

Saw Mangal Pandey last friday...excellent. It was truly worth the three years wait.
Amir, Toby, Rani, Amisha and everybody else have acted so well. Even Om Puri's narration was great...his voice suited the story narration beautfully.

Wow, it really makes me feel think that there was a Mangal in India. His was the first shot of Independence.

The songs are good too...the Mangal, Mangal song has good lyrics and I like the music of Tumhari Addao Pe Main Vaari Vaari...its been a while since I've heard Kavitha Krishnamoorthy's voice.

About, William Gordon...what a fustrating situation. You are burdened by your birth...he was British but he didn't agree with their ways...the right cause was against his own people and he was stuck!

Its a powerful unnecessary songs and dialogues...too the point and 100% engaging.

Watch it...!