Friday, December 24, 2004

Midnight Baby!

I've become an AUNTY! My sis gave birth to my adorable 00.00. hehe....its sis was admitted on the 20th and at midnight the kid was that makes his birthday, 21st, right? Atleast thats what we're gonna take it like I guess.....let him be one day may prove useful years later...hah

He's really small....and its very funny to watch the way he turns red so fast when he's about to cry. I've never seen anything like this before. He's really fascinating.....amazing. Such a small human being!

The house is now forever full of visitors come to see teh new arrival.....before teh house was full of visitors wanting to meet the pregnant its the cool dude.

Just dropped by to report this historic event.....c ya

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Art Of Living

I attended my first Course 1 Art of Living course on July was beautiful and unique.
I mean I gotta haer, experience a lot of new things and also simple things that maybe we all know but have taken them for granted or have simply forgotten them....
I don't want to say much....actually I don't know what to say...I simply wanted to note down that I was lucky enogh to have got this oppurtunity....I must thank Sri Sri Ravishankar , the founder of this course....a genius with a heart!

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Ammooma's B'day

Well, it was my grandmother's 80th b'day today. Went off very was celebrated in grand style in a hall and stuff. All her siblings, their kids, their kids kids...basically everybody was invited!
Ammooma was real could see it. Her excitement at receiving so many gifts could be felt. She was looking grand too in her new 'moondum nayreeyadum'...bright colours...
I'm real glad she had this grand celebration....she deserved it!
Her siblings, nieces and nephews...all made it to this function. From all over India people came just to be with her on this day....give her their good wishes on this day...80! whew...that sure is something, na?

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Venus at home!

I got to see the Venus transit right in the comfort of my home! Well, I'm not talking about having seen it on the net or on tv....but dad made this pin hole camera like mechanism with cardboard and a mirror and projeted the sun's image on the wall in the kitchen(directly faces the front door). It was awsome...the same images that they showed in the news, were what we saw on our kitchen wall.
We were planning on going to the planetorium....but thats when dad came up with this idea...a great one too!
Date: June 8, 2004

Monday, June 07, 2004


Its raining...its pouring and I'm absolutely loving it!! There's nothing like the sweet smell of fresh wet soil..the lovely feeling in the air. Everything feels right...and just cool. To cuddle up with a good book under your blanket, reading till morning one or so with the relaxingly exciting music of the rain in the one of the delights of the rainy season.
The varities of protective gear on display in stores...the latest trends in umbrellas...the crowded roads with a vast spread of black overhead with a spot of bright pink or blue here and there to break the monotony thanks to the rebellious few who believe in moving against the current....oh, and then there are the pokemon, barbie doll and other kiddie umbrellas with little ears and frills to really add a zing to the usual umbrellas to thrill little warriors out to face the down pour in style!
Its true that you have to make certain changes to your no cycling and stuff. Even when it stops raining, considering the condition of the roads...with the temperory tar all washed away it isn't a very good idea cycling. But everything is sacrificable or this season...the best of them all!

Monday, May 31, 2004

2 wheeler ka mazaa!

By 2 wheeler I don't intend motor bikes but instead the cool and one of a kind...BICYCLE! he.e...well, its a fab way to excersise, get fresh air and just have fun..speacially when you have friends with ya.
Cheryl and me, ave made this vacation plan to cycle 4 days a week, play badminton atleast twice a week and ofcourse..Sunday is off day! No working on Sunday, man!
After cycling for 'bout an can actually feel the difference. Its a rare sight out here to see two girls(very pretty! haha..) cycling and basically having fun. Its a dream come true for me. Really, I'ave only read in books and seen in movies about friends cycling long distances, enjoying.....envied them. Now I'm living my fantasy and enjoying it 100%.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Fusion Delight!

I saw a most spectacular performance today....Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, depicted the climax of Othello with the help of Indian classical dance forms. It was most certainly a visual delight. The way the dream sequences were shown was truly innovative....the background score was fantastic too. Today I got to see a slice of how beautiful Kerala's very own dance form Kathakali is. The grace, the movements are all awsome. I must say it was definitely time well spent.
The function was held at Tagore theater and was organized by Jyothis Arts in collabration with Lakshya Arts.

Seven years!

My e-pal of 7 years who was gonna come next month, couldn't make it. But next year maybe...
Well, actually thinking about it....7 years seems like such a long time. Atleast for me, yes it is. To talk to someone u have communicated with only through emails , for so long that too....We met on the net through a site where you publish your stories, poems and stuff....I wanted to write to her, but was hesitant...I was new to the net and its ways. While I was thinking what to do, wether to write or not to write....there it was, a mail from her wanting to be my pal. It was incredible....something like it was all meant to be....kismat or destiny!
I'm real glad we'ave been able to remain friends for so long...even if we don't write regularly, maybe just once or twice a month sometimes.....its and unsaid promise that when we have a problem to talk about we'll always be there for each other. haha..h...lets see how long it goes on....I sure hope though its forever!