Friday, May 07, 2010

Another March 28

It is 2010 now.
2 years since my last blog entry.
Life has changed so much for me.

I am now married and living far far away on the other side of the globe. I am in the United States of America.

I was lucky to find a wonderful group of friends here, wonderful enough to make my birthday this year truly wonderful! (If you are wondering 'Why the overdose of wonderful?'. Well, it is because 'wonderful' is such a wonderful word! Sorry, but I really like that word!)

To think that I was in the house when they made all the arrangements and I had 'NO CLUE' about what they were up to!

Truth is, I was expecting a surprise for my birthday at midnight (so far everyone got a surprise party at midnight, so obviously...!) But when I reached home that night there was no one there to go 'Happy Birthday!!', when I opened the door. I thought well, maybe since I was already expecting a surprise it would not be so 'surprising' to have a 'surprise party' and so the gang must have decided there is no point. I wasn't exactly sad, but at that moment I experienced the definition of 'disappointment'.

My husband asked me to browse through the online catalog of so that when we go shopping the next day we will have a good idea about what exactly we need. He was playing a YouTube playlist of some of my favorite romantic songs at a very high volume and being very ('not-so-normal') loving.Getting me the glass of water I needed, running to get the phone and everything else. He basically wouldn't let me leave the room. Well, I was just too happy about being pampered on my birthday that I simply didn't imagine there could possibly be anything suspicious going on.

He had gone to get something from the living room and called me out..and what do I find? A SURPRISE! While I was in the other room, the gang had everything arranged in the living room. It was totally unexpected. My husband was in complete league with them which was the reason for the 'loud' music and the 'no-work-on-your-birthday' attitude! I was now experiencing the definition of 'thrilled'!

It was a beautiful cake which was so colorful for a reason. The reason was this,

The cake was specially chosen to add more color to my life!
Luckily for me. Love is Blind

Finally, the creators with their creation!

There are some things in life money can't buy, those are what matter the most!